Tuesday, March 3, 2015

One Million Cups Video Review

I have reviewed a business pitch of Direct Audio from “1 Million Cups.”  After I reviewed the business pitch, I thought it was a brilliant idea that could innovate our entertainment industry.  Direct Audio lets you choose what you want to listen.  When you go to typical bars or gyms, there are usually many TVs displayed with all different channels and it is usually muted.  However, Direct Audio solves this problem.  You can listen to any channels that you want through Direct Audio’s mobile application, which is free to download.  The way it works is that business owners need to purchase Direct Audio equipment and install it on the audio output of any cable boxes.  Then, customers can access the sounds of any TV channels through Direct Audio’s mobile application via Wi-Fi.
             The idea of Direct Audio was great, however I thought that their presentation was little unprofessional.  During the beginning of the presentation, a presenter was reading notes from his laptop, which distracted focus of the audiences.  It felt like he did not have enough practice or rehearsal before the presentation.  In addition, there was a phone call in middle of the presentation, which was the most unprofessional moment.  However, as the presentation continued toward the end, the presenter stopped reading notes and started to talk professionally about the product and it grabbed the audience’s attention.  After the presentation was finished, there were many questions asked from the audiences and the presenter answered the questions with no hesitation, it gave an impression that he knows well about the product. 
             My tip for improving their presentation is adding graphic contents to their PowerPoint slides.  Their PowerPoint slides were too simple and unattractive.  It could have included more visual aspects in order for the audiences to understand the product better, such as tutorial videos of using the application, or demonstration video of using the product.  

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